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Contract Surety Bonds

Contract Surety Bonds

sur·e·ty bond: a three-party agreement between a surety company, an obligee and a principal. The third party (surety company) guarantees to the second party (obligee) the successful performance of the first party (principal). The surety company guarantees that the obligations of the principal to the obligee will be performed in accordance with a contract, statute or regulations.  A surety bond is not an insurance policy. In the event of a surety loss, the surety will seek repayment from the contractor and its owners, who typically personally indemnify the surety against any and all losses.

Benefits of choosing The Barbour Group

The Barbour Group provides surety bonds nationwide and internationally at US Federal Bases (OCONUS).  Our experience as underwriters, contractors and accountants can help groom your company for the bonding capacity it needs for growth.  Our affiliated company, BG Network, along with its team of consultants can help with your company’s particular needs in building strategies for internal and external development, whether it involves diversification, growth, ownership transition, teaming or joint venture opportunities, and more.

  • We don't gloss over problems, rather we take a no-nonsense approach to overcoming business challenges.
  • We take a positive approach to our work and advocate for the contracting industry.
  • We are passionate about helping you grow your business in the RIGHT direction.
  • We are pioneers in breaking down bonding barriers for small business.

Company Overview

Founded in 2002, March 4, 2018 marked sixteen years of outstanding service to the construction industry. The Barbour Group services the surety needs of a wide range of construction clientele, from startups to Fortune 1000 firms.

Contract Bonding Services

Provide Domestic & International services
Secure bonding credit for all types of contractors.

Evaluate and restructure financial statements to groom contractors for larger bonding capacity.
Small contract programs available, based solely on personal credit & up to $1.5M with addition of financial information. Contact for additional information & applications

The HP Head Start Program is an exclusive program brokered through BG and RLI Surety. Initiated by BG to help HP manage capacity building for its subcontractor base in the Mid-Atlantic Area. Now with nationwide reach, it is secured by a dedicated partnership with an A+ AmBest rated Surety Company to guaranty bonding for enrolled applicants. To-date the program has enabled approval for bonded contracts in excess of $85 million with no claims. Click here to access the program’s brochure and here to access the application.

As an exception, you may use our Fast-track On-Line Bond portal link (click here) to apply for Hensel Phelps Bond Program ( for projects under $1 million)”. For projects over 1 million complete the Hensel Phelps bond application.

Hensel Phelps Construction

When it comes to surety bonding, The Barbour Group works miracles. I can't thank them enough for their tenacity and dedication.

-Charles Eaton, Hensel Phelps Construction Company

Commercial Bonding Services

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