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Hensel Phelps’ Exclusive Head Start Bond Program

Hensel Phelps’ Exclusive Head Start Bond Program

The Hensel Phelps Head Start Program is an exclusive program brokered through BG and RLI Surety. You can also read directly from Hensel Phelps' about the goal of the Bonding Assistance Program clicking here.

Initiated by BG to help Hensel Phelps manage capacity building for its subcontractor base in the Mid-Atlantic Area. Now with nationwide reach, it is secured by a dedicated partnership with an A+ AmBest rated Surety Company to guaranty bonding for enrolled applicants. To date the program has enabled approval for bonded contracts in excess of $100 million with no claims.  Click here to access the program’s brochure and here to access the application.

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As an exception, you may use our Fast-track On-Line Bond portal link (click here) to apply for Hensel Phelps Bond Program ( for projects under $1 million). For projects over 1 million complete the Hensel Phelps bond application.

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