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SBA Bond Option #2

SBA Bond Applications Option #2

This page provides you with access to the forms required to complete the application package for Option #2, SBA Bond Program.

Open This Form to see the list of information needed to develop your bond program beyond any “fast track application bond programs.”  Forms you will need to complete are linked within the information list.  Please provide what you have.  We can work together on completing the rest of any information you may not have at this time.


SBA Contracts $400,000 and less

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The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Office of Bond Guarantees works with surety companies to support small businesses whose owners who may not have the best credit history, are new in business, or need more capacity.  Under the SBA’s surety bond program, the SBA will guarantee a bond up to 90% to the surety company executing the bond.  The SBA charges a fee to the contractor of $6.00 per thousand of the contract price which must be paid within three days of approval and prior to bond issuance.  This fee is in addition to the premium the surety will charge for the bond.  We typically try to provide the most cost effective surety premium to keep overall bond costs under 3% of the contract value.  The SBA fee is typically a reimbursable expense by many project owners.

The SBA will typically approve bonds for projects that are two times the largest project completed. SBA can consider bonds for non-federal projects up to $6.5 million and up to $10 million for federal projects.  Projects that are $6.5 million and higher require a CPA audited statement.  Projects $2 million and higher require a CPA reviewed statement.  One-time exceptions are allowed.

NOTE:  The SBA’s bond program is the only bond program that will give you 20 times working capital for undercapitalized firms.  Also, it is the only program that will include any unused portion of your bank line of credit in working capital and apply the 20 times rule.

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